1. I don’t want to live long. I want a short but adventurous life.
  2. When I study for my exams I suddenly believe in horoscopes.
  3. And in organic pills that help me focus.
  4. My life’s on hold till the end of June #exams (26th of June to be precise).
  5. I have friends I’ll probably know for the rest of my life. Already quite sure of that.
  6. When do you know you’re in a relationship? When you stop kissing other people? Oh wait, I should probably just ask the other person. Oh wait, not ready. Almost there though.
  7. My nails grow fast.
  8. My vibrator is so f*cking good.
  9. Once I went to a psychologist right before my exams and she said ‘don’t worry everybody’s a procrastinator’. That’s when I stopped feeling bad about it.
  10. My sisters are great.
  11. I have 10 euros. I need to earn money. Oh wait, first I have to pass my exams.