1. Yes, Sinterklaas is racist (shoutout to my ex-boyfriend for pointing that one out to me). I feel like the show ‘Dear White People’ explains pretty well why.

2. Equality is having one word for a job practised by different sexes.

3. No, not everybody studies only the people I know.

4. How little high school taught me about Belgium’s colonial past even though it is such a huge part of our history (and so important if we want to make people aware of inequality).

5. How ‘fast’ I redefined ‘true love’ or love in general.

6. No, not everybody travels as much as I do, just the people that surround me.

8. How bad men are at making women come on a one-night-stand (known that for quite a while actually). Also, how little they try. Selfish bastards. #nohate

9. I rediscovered Ben & Jerry’s and fell in love all over again. I mean, it’s sort of a revelation.

10. Being a student is great except for the times when you actually have to get shit done.

11. Every sport I have ever done has always been recreational, never competitive. After 20 years of skiing I remain average haha.

12. A relationship scares the shit out of me. Am I really ready for that? On the other hand, after my first heartbreak I realized you eventually get over it so I might as well risk my heart again!