This is for all the Harry Potter fans!


The Lockhart

Last night I went to a pub named The Lockhart. Everybody who’s a Harry Potter fan knows it’s the name of the Gilderoy Lockhart, the professor of Harry Potter in the second film (I knew you knew it, cause I didn’t). It’s near the intersection of College St and Dundas West. Actually, they have a lot of nice pubs in that area.

We (Jack, another Jack, Marianne, Felix and I) decided we wanted to go to this specific pub (The Lockhart) because it’s inspired on Harry Potter. First we had to wait for an hour to get in. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who wanted to check it out. And it’s quite small too actually. Normally I wouldn’t wait outside (in the cold, it’s getting colderrr) to get in a pub (maybe for a club but definitely not to get in to a pub) but since it was something we at least had to do once, we waited. Maybe I should ad; it’s not really a pub, more of a cocktail bar.


The Lockhart

Interior-wise, it’s a very nice place. There is a good vibe. I was soooo hungry so I ordered a Baked Brie (it was so f*cking delicious, the first real cheese I was able to eat in Toronto). And then we checked out all the cocktails they served. I like it how they call there menu ‘Potions & Elixirs’. Not really knowing what to expect I ordered The Lockhart Caesar.


The Baked Brie mmmmmm

When I got the cocktail I tasted it and … it tasted like TOMATOES! Apparently I ordered a stupid bloody mary. I like sweet cocktails, not spicy cocktails. Though I didn’t like it, Felix said it was well made. He used to work in a cocktail bar.

Our waitress on the other hand was hilarious. She kept saying in response to everything we said ‘A-M-A-Z-I-N-G’. She said it so many times that every time I here the word, I can hear her say it.

The night was ending and we were heading home. When I arrived home Alex and Dekkar (my roommates) were in the kitchen. I told them how I ordered a bloody mary but it wasn’t named like that on the menu. Alex asked me how it was called and then I said Lockhart Ceasar. He had to laugh. Apparently a bloody mary is called a caesar over here.

Keep that in mind whenever you go to Canada. A caesar is a stupid bloody mary!!

PS: it’s quite expensive (but the food and drinks are very well so at least you don’t feel ‘betrayed’)


Het copyrightteken Pictures by Felix Adamson