I decided that I wouldn’t post it but since it happened two times in only three days …  Apparently I have a thing with keys.

I can lock my room inside out so when I leave and I lock it on the inside, the door is locked once I close it without a key. Eum, still following?

check-lock and different keys concept

I mean, it looks like a good system but for me IT  definitely ISN’T. First, I just went to the washroom only to lock myself out. Luckily, my landlord could help me out in two hours. Yes, I say luckily because yesterday I locked myself out again … and suddenly my luck was out. Or wasn’t it?

I was preparing myself for a party at UNIUN. While on my way there I suddenly realized I didn’t have my keys. Then it hit me, I locked myself out, AGAIN. Let’s not panic.

I called my landlord and he said he was on vacation and he would only be back Sunday afternoon … That’s when I panicked. I had to get in there, what was I supposed to do in those two days. Sleeping on a bench? Not being able to wash myself? Yikes.

I went back to the house and called one of my roommates and he opened the front door. We couldn’t do anything.  Another roommate came home. Apparently he can pick locks (if that’s a good thing hmmm …)? We got some bobby pins from his friend who lives a couple of houses away from us. We got the bobby pins but my housemate hadn’t been picking locks for a long time (he used to do it as a child when he wanted to watch tv when his mom wasn’t home) and it didn’t work. We started drinking wine out of misery. Or at least I was.

When suddenly, the door opened. He was just about to say he didn’t get it open and that’s when the door opened. I was so happy. So. Happy.

Though I missed a party, we were actually having one at home (yes, I said it, home). All my roommates got together in the kitchen. Talking, drinking some wine, enjoying each others company.

I couldn’t have asked for a better night than that in a while.