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Sorry, Mom & Dad

Sometimes it’s just better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Today … Marianne and I pierced our ears. Sorry, mom & dad.

But before you start freaking out, we made sure we went to a good place. It’s one of the top piercers in Toronto, so at least we know it’s done well, right?!

Jack, Marianne and I talked about getting a piercing a couple of days ago and then I said ‘if you guys go, I’ll go too’! Today we decided to really do it. We went to a place called Adrenaline (it did give me a lot of adrenaline).


Adrenaline – 239 Queen St W, Toronto

Honestly, I was soooo nervous. I said to Marianne she had to go first. The piercer, Whitny, was friendly, at first a bit distant but after a while more friendly (maybe it’s typical for piercers to be all tough and rough). Marianne sat down, Whitny made a mark on her ear to show where the piercing would be shot. AND THEN I SAW THE NEEDLE. I thought you pierced by using a shooter but apparently they just take a needle and pierce through your bone and skin. Well, I wasn’t really scared of the needle but more of the pain. It happened all in a very sterile environment (sterile needles, she switched hand gloves every time she touched another surface …) which calmed me down.



So Marianne went first and it didn’t really seem to hurt that much. In the meantime my head was spinning around; I can still back out, maybe you shouldn’t do it, what if it hurts too much. And then I said to myself: just f*cking do it. If you don’t like it, you can get it out, it’s nothing permanent. So, I did it. And I like it.

Whitny, the piercer, gave some great advice on how to clean and maintenance your piercing. I’m more than happy to share that advice with you. Before you clean your piercing, make sure your hands are clean (wash them!). Afterwards you gently remove any crusted matter (it’s a good sign when it’s crusted apparently) from the piercing using a cotton swab drowned in warm water. In the morning you clean it with soap and water, in the evening you clean with salt dissolved in water. But most importantly; never touch, turn, rotate, spin or play with your piercing!

On this very moment it doesn’t hurt but apparently it will hurt more after you slept (on your ears). We’ll see …

(Day one with sleeping: it doesn’t hurt (if I don’t touch it), I think I subconsciously avoided sleeping on my left ear)

Sleep tight, everyone!



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  1. Aha dus ik ga dat in de ochtend laten doen en hopen dat het dan al minder pijn doet na het slapen :p Veel plezier ermeeeeee! Kben jaloers 🙂

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