I do what feels right. It led me to my exchange to Toronto and it was about to lead me to my backpacking trip.

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Many of my friends would confirm that I like traveling. Then again, I surround myself with people who like discovering as well. Common ground. I guess I realized what exactly I like about traveling during and after my exchange to Toronto. For me it’s encountering different cultures, and with that come different perspectives and for myself a change in attitude and mindset. I like how it enriches my state of mind and my personal growth. It’s a bit addictive.

Looking back it wasn’t that much of a surprise that I wanted to travel again by myself. I won’t lie, I was s c a r e d of booking that ticket to Thailand. People make you scared of backpacking – alone – by yourself – as a woman. Even though I had experience in traveling alone, backpacking was different. It was also on a different continent. In Canada there was a sort of set up for me. I had a school surrounding. Even though you’re worried that you won’t meet people, you will during an exchange. You meet a ton of people. All those other exchange students are in the same boat and want to meet other people as well.



Traveling from one place to another by yourself through SEA is another story. It seems like you won’t have enough time to meet people cause you hop from one hostel to another. You’re afraid you’ll feel lonely or for that matter that you won’t meet any people cause you think you’ll be the only one traveling by yourself. On top of that, I’m a 22 year old woman and people were scared for my safety and so projecting their fears on me. In return it made me doubt my decision even more.

But, you know, I like a challenge even though it scares me so I booked that damn ticket to Thailand a month before I left. I didn’t really engage my parents. I did tell them I wanted to but I guess they thought I wouldn’t. Or maybe they thought I was going with friends. Anyways I didn’t really involve them cause I thought they’d talk me out of it. They were supportive but as every parent they were afraid for my safety.

The moment I arrived at the Yard Hostel (great hostel) in Bangkok I realized those fears were irrational. More on my next blogpost on how my first day went.