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Misery Loves Company

The saying is true. Misery loves company.

I’m desperately looking for a place to stay in Toronto. Either the place is too expensive, too far, too ‘dangerously’ located … I’m pissed at Ryerson. For God’s sake prepare us better for what is coming. Not that they could have really prepared us but at least they could have offered us a room, so that when we arrive we could feel safe, secure.

Misery versus Hope messages

At first I was really optimistic but I mean … It’s fucking hard haha. I’m kinda losing hope. And if anyone ever says to me again ‘girl don’t worry, you’ll find something’, I’ll come and get you personally. I travelled for 15 hours, I’m not going back home hello.

So today I visited to two places and I met up with Lina whom I connected with on Facebook. We decided to team up to find a place. Searching a place with a roommate is “easier”. Lina is from Russia but studies in the UK. I was really happy to meet her. We understood each other; how it’s so frustrating to be here all by yourself not finding a place. I’m like a bear with a sore head.

At the moment it kinda feels like the universe is against me. I know it But even then I make place for laughter. Lina and I laughed all our misery away (if that’s even possible). We laughed and laughed. That’s the way to cope but it doesn’t solve shit.

Problem versus Solution messages

I’ve walked and walked and walked (honestly I already know all the streets in Toronto) and after all that I arrive at the hostel only to find out that my coordinator still hasn’t answered my mails. So that means: school starts tomorrow and I have no schedule.

It doesn’t stop here. No No No. I didn’t pass a course from my second year communication. Which sucks one too many times.

Misery loves company as in Lina and I found each other facing the same misery but it also means that misery just keeps adding up like shit flows through pipes.

I would excuse myself for my language but I’m too tired, too discouraged, too pissed, too afraid, too empty to feel anything.

Pink Shit

But even after a day full of shit, the view at the Planet Traveler’s rooftop is breathtaking at night.

Sleep tight



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