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Jour un: mal aux cheveux

Because people speak French in Montréal, I decided it would be fun to use French titles for my posts.


Meet Nina, Betty & Theresa

I arrived in the evening on Sunday, 11th of October. First we grabbed a bite, eating something typical Canadian in a restaurant called Mâche: Le ragoût de pattes de cochon. I liked it. Mâche is located in rue Saint-Denise. A street full of restaurants and pubs. In the evening we decided to discover the nightlife of Montréal to celebrate Theresa’s birthday one more time. We went to Blue Dog. I was a little drunk … Ah well, I had fun. I hope no unexpected pictures will show up. I have bad experiences with those …


The morning after was less fun. I had a headache but I’m one of these people who gets out of bed either way because I wanted to discover Montreal and I most definitely didn’t want to lay in bed all day. So, Theresa and I (because Betty and Nina didn’t feel that good) walked a bit around in the morning when we decided to go to Le Jardin Botanique. It’s gigantic. It was such a nice day, the sun was shining, the air was fresh … Le Jardin consists out of several greenhouses and outdoor gardens.





Because it’s almost Halloween, the park allowed people to create and design a pumpkin. I like the one on the picture below the most.


Frozen – let it go pumpkin


Japanese garden (i think)


Le banc des amoureux


Chinese greenhouse

There was also a Chinese garden and every time I see something Chinese it reminds me of Marie. She’s a good friend from Belgium and she is now on exchange (or something like that) in Shenyang, China for 6 months. If you want to follow her Chinese adventures this is her blog: the unknown silence. A note: it’s in Flemish so you might not understand. But there is always google translate.

In general I’ve noticed Montreal is less multicultural. Them white people. And it’s definitely less crowded. In Toronto there are always people on the streets but here, in Montreal you could be walking alone at night.

I like Montreal more than Toronto. It’s a good mix of Europe and North America.


Winery + Niagara Falls


Jour deux: Petite Italie 

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  1. Oh Birgit zo lief! Die frozen pompoen is echt schattig.

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