On day three we went to Mont-Royal. It’s a gigantic forest! Great nature, lovely to just walk and get some fresh air. A must when you go to Montreal.



After walking around for a bit we were looking for ‘l’oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont Royal’. You get a very nice view when you’re on top. Every time I see a church I want to see it on the inside. Though I’m not really Catholic (my father even calls me a pagan – which I won’t argue), I like the idea of how people were able to built these things hundreds of years ago. Also, I do not despise religion or those who believe in it because for many people it gives purpose and guidance (if it’s of course interpreted in a good way). Wherever you go, you get to see churches and now that I think about it, I have traveled a lot and seen many. Most churches I saw were pretty, except for this one. For being a very known church, it’s an ugly one on the inside. I’m more fond of the theatrical ones.

The Saint-Joseph church is created by the saint André in 1904. Each year devout catholics climb the 99 steps with their knees (in the pictures below you can see the grey steps, we weren’t allowed to use them).


l’oratoire Saint-Joseph





Something typical Canadian is Poutine. It’s a dish. It actually reminds me of a ‘Julientje’, everybody knows it in Ghent (and if you don’t, you should be ashamed). So, poutine consists of Belgian fries, gravy and cheese. Delicious but I’m pretty sure it’s not at all healthy. Honestly, I’m getting fat (at the end of my exchange I’ll probably be able to drift back to Belgium crossing the Atlantic Ocean) over here but thank god Dekkar (my other roommate) takes me for a run from time to time.



In Montreal they have a place with the best poutine, called La Banquise. It’s a typical Canadian dish.There are many variations on poutine and I took the one with bacon. I’m pretty sure everybody in Belgium would love it. I actually had a lot of bad experiences with fries in Toronto but in Montreal they are pretty good. Almost as good as in Belgium.


The best part of the day has yet to come. We decided to go to a spa. We did some research and decided to go to Scandinave Spa. If you’re in Montreal and you decide to go, it’s cheaper after 6pm! It’s a good one. At first I thought it was a little small but it was big enough. There was a sauna, a steam bath, swimming pool (with jacuzzi), an area for reading and a sleeping area. At all times you could eat healthy snacks, drink water and tea. There was a no talking tolerance. We enjoyed it a lot.


scandinave on the inside



We ended our night at Les 3 Brasseurs grabbing a bite. I would cutback on food but I love it too much. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day.


Les trois brasseurs