On the fourth day we visited the most beautiful district of Montréal: Vieux-Montréal. Everybody said that Montréal was pretty similar to Paris but I disagreed until I visited Old Montreal. It did remind me of Paris. Probably because they used cobblestone for the roads and the buildings were in a similar style to those in Paris. And of course because of the language, it made it more French. The official language in Montréal is actually Québécois. There is a huge difference in pronunciation because Québécois didn’t evolve as much as French. In the 16th century Canada was discovered by France and they built Québec and Montréal but afterwards they were defeated by England and that’s why it didn’t evolve as much as French. There are more reasons but that’s the biggest one. In my opinion Québécois is pronounced softer than French.


cobblestone road


old montreal

I was actually quite proud of myself. In those 5 days I used my four languages that I learned at school: German (because I went with three german friends), French (because that’s the official language in Montréal), English (in case I couldn’t figure out the French words 😉 ) and Flemish (because I skyped with friends from Belgium 😉 ). It was quite funny, sometimes I responded in another language than the one I needed. It did mess up my head a bit.

At Places-d’Armes you could visit Basilique Notre-Dame. It’s a Gothic church built in 1672 and afterwards it underwent some changes in 1824. I was doubting whether I wanted to see the church on the inside because first of all ‘l’oratoire Saint-Joseph’ disappointed me and second I had to pay 5 bucks. But I did it anyways and it was worth it. See the pictures below.


basilique notre-dame


basilique notre-dame


basilique notre-dame

Next we went to Place Jacques-Quartier. It’s funny how they exaggerate in tourist guides. The guide said there was a magnificent public garden. In my opinion it was just a garden with nicely mowed gras. When on Place Jacques-Quartier, you do have a nice view on Vieux-Port (Old Port).


Place Jacques-Quartier


‘magnificent’ garden at Place Jacques-Quartier


swag from betty, theresa and nina

If you walk a little more to the East, you can go to Marché Bonsecours. It’s built in 1847 and it’s one of the most important hangouts for inhabitants and farmers. There are some boutiques, expositions and cafés.


marché bonsecours


Old montreal

We ended our day going to Old Port. It’s very close to Old Montreal and it’s nice to walk over there. Theresa and Nina left a day earlier so at the end of the day it was only Betty and me returning to the hostel. We planned to go out out but it was raining in the evening so we decided to stay in and watch a movie. It was actually a pretty good movie, called Body Lies!


old port


old port


old port