Theresa and I were the ones who organized more or less what we did in Montréal. There was a ‘Guide Touristique Officiel de Montréal’ available at the hostel but I have to admit that on day two the ‘Guide’ failed us.

Schermafbeelding 2015-10-18 om 9.19.19 p.m.

We started our day going to the district called Petite Italie in Montréal. In Toronto you have the same district called Little Italy. It was a very rainy day and since I slept in a room full of snoring people, I felt quite tired and grumpy too. Nevertheless, we planned to go to Marché Jean-Talon and la Plaza St-Hubert.


Marché jean-talon

We arrived at Marché Jean-talon and I was a little disappointed. I expected the market to be bigger and filled with more people. Maybe it was because it was such a rainy day that I enjoyed it less. I’m pretty sure it’s nicer in summer and when it’s more crowded. The market is known since 1933 for its fresh vegetables and specialized oils, cheese, meat and herbals.

What I liked most was the gigantic pumpkin! Imagine you carved a scary face in that and you put it in your garden for Halloween. I should do that one day. Now I really want to do that. Imagine, you would need a saw to cut the pumpkin open.


the huge pumpkin!!




purple and green cauliflower??

After our visit at the market we headed to La Plaza St-Hubert. According to the ‘Guide’ it was a nice place to shop. I disagree. Even though it consists out of more or less 400 shops (?!), I only liked two. It’s just not my thing, I guess. It started to rain more thus we agreed to go to the Eaton Centre of Montréal (they have an Eaton Centre in Toronto too). It’s a huge shopping mall. We did more window shopping than really shopping.


Eaton Centre

After that we decided to head to our hostel to watch a movie. I was so tired, I decided to sleep (in my new room without snoring men, yeeey).

Day three was a lot of fun, my personal favorite! I’ll update you tomorrow.