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Honest Weight

At first I hated the idea of being further away from uni than 10 min walking distance. Ryerson University is located downtown Toronto, like really really really in the centre of it. But since housing was quite hard to find, I had to look further away. Now I have to commute 30 minutes with the TTC to go downtown.

It’s funny cause over here 30 minutes is nothing. In Belgium 30 minutes is a lot. I live 45 minutes from my University in Belgium and there was no way on earth that I would commute every day! Over here, I don’t mind because it’s only 30 minutes, right?! 😉

Before my parents get the great idea of me commuting to campus the next couple of years in Belgium, I’ll say this: over here I open my door and there is a busstop. There is a bus each 5 minutes, in Belgium each 30 minutes. AND in Belgium I first have to walk 15 minutes to get to a busstop. Then I’m on the bus for 30 minutes to get to the train station while I could actually get there in 15 minutes by car.

In fact the public transport is just better over here. Toronto is also just a bigger city haha.

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Nevertheless, what I actually wanted to say is, that I’m glad to be further away because I get to discover many nice places outside of downtown Toronto. Such as Honest Weight. Lina found the place because she longed for some fresh and good fish (and I’m always in if we get to eat). I’ll say this much, it’s not very eye-catching on the outside. Lina and I passed it by three times before we actually found it.

Eventually we found it. It’s a small and cozy place, very friendly service and delicious. I ate the Okonomiyaka and I’m still in love with it. As mentioned on the website: it’s a savory seafood pancake with cabbage, nagaimo yam, fresh fish, topped with bonito flakes, cured fish and Okonomi sauce.

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They have a small menu but I’d rather have less choice and always good food  than lots of choice and bad food. Now you’re probably wondering how much I paid? 14 dollars, that’s about 9,30 euros. Uhu, that’s what I thought. Not a lot of money for such delicious food.


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  1. Dat ziet er goed uit! Haha en zo grappig dat jij 9,30 euro goedkoop vindt terwijl dat dat voor mij bijna 68 yuan zou zijn en dat is echt zoooot duur voor eten! Het duurste dat ik al betaald heb was zo’n 33 yuan voor een voorgerechtje, noedels en een drankje en da’s dan 4,50 euro :p Kga bleiten alsk weer in België eten moet kopen :p

    • Ja, Toronto is eigenlijk echt duur maar in termen van Toronto valt da gelijk nog best mee! Kwas beter ook naar China gegaan!! :p haha kan t geloven ge gaat een reverse culture shock hebben

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