Previous Saturday Lina and I went to Disclosure. It’s an English electronic music duo.The duo consists out of Guy and Howard Lawrence, they are brothers.

First we did some pre-drinks at Lina’s place and for the first time I saw three raccoons at once! There are so many raccoons over here (and they are so big?). They walk so funny.

Raccoon in park in Montreal Canada


Disclosure performed at the Enercare Centre. We got in very fast. I was surprised because most of the time you have to wait for a long time in a queue. I don’t know if I have ever told this before but over here they are very strict on showing your ID to check whether you are old enough. Drinking age in Ontario is 19. In Belgium they tend to turn a blind eye on the age-matter. And after the ID-check, you’re bag got checked, they even checked the inside of my wallet. They are that strict that they even threw away my hand sanitizer. Before I could say anything my bottle was gone, in the garbage bin …

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But what surprised me was the overwhelming smell of weed when I got in. Yeah, but hand sanitizer is not allowed. Pssshhh. That’s another thing over here, it’s almost if weed is legal. You can smoke it on the streets, nobody will say anything about it.

Oké, back to Disclosure 😉 . It was awesome! They are good, I enjoyed it a lot. It’s just the way it is; they’re talented and lucky! Here are some of my favorite songs:

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