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On October 19th Balthazar came to Toronto. It was actually Alexa who suggested to go. Alexa is Canadian (with Ukrainian roots) and next semester she’s doing a semester abroad in my uni at Ghent. Balthazar brought out a new album called Thin Walls. The music genre is a mix of Indie and Rock.


Balthazar @ the drake hotel

The band is pretty known in Belgium so I was quite shocked that I only had to pay 10 dollars for my ticket. But if you think about it, they’re not very known here, so I can imagine they’re not able to ask more.


Live Balthazar

They are soooooooo good live!! Beforehand I liked them but now I love them. They played at the Drake Hotel on Queen St W.

Another thing I loved was the fact that they were more approachable because it was a small show. I got to talk to them and I got a picture with them too!


My favorite song is Bunker (and I think many will agree), here are my favorites:






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  1. Superleuk!!! En zo tof dat dat meisje naar Gent komt in het 2e semester 🙂 Ik heb gisteren ook 2 jongens van Canada ontmoet! Ze kwamen alle 2 van Toronto 🙂

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