Have you ever felt lonely but you weren’t alone?

A bench in the alley in the park

I used to feel like that. I felt lonely when I was in Belgium even though I was never alone. I made sure I was constantly surrounded by people. When I arrived in Toronto, I’ve been alone many times but I never felt lonely. Lonely is a feeling whether being alone is physically.

We live in this fast paced society and I feel like we’re constantly rushing into things. While we should take time to do things slowly so we don’t miss things. I got the opportunity to travel across the world to grow, to step out of my bubble. I don’t want to go back home in that cause the one I’m in now feels better, safer, more fun. I know it’s temporary cause after a while things will turn in habits as well and it won’t be as new anymore. I guess I just want to explore a bunch of bubbles.

I want to grow more, understand more, see more, taste more, feel more … That’s what I call growing intellectually.