Last week was crazzzyyyy! First of all, I had midterms 🙁 . But after that, it was my BIRTHDAY (28th of October)! I became 21. Yessss, I can remember the time I was happy to turn 16 and then 18 and now I’m 21. Take me back. Time stop, please stop. Growing up isn’t as much fun as staying young. Can I just stay a little longer young? (For all the old people reading this (sorry you are old), you probably have nostalgia to the age of 21, yet here I am whining about not being young enough). 

This was my week:

On Wednesday I invited some friends to have some drinks in my kitchen but most of them still had midterms so they couldn’t come. Nevertheless, I had a great time!


On Thursday I went with Betty to the Madison also called the Maddy! Felix and Jack joined later. What a nice pub. It’s gigantic! Honestly, you can get easily lost in that pub. Luckily Betty and I were able to find Jack and Felix. What I love most is that you can decide to just chat at a table or you can go one floor up and start to dance! Of course I danced all night long …


Madison Pub

Madison Pub

Madison Pub

Madison Pub

Madison Pub

It doesn’t stop after Thursday. On Friday my roommate, Dekkar, invited me to join him and his friends to celebrate Halloween. We did pre drinks in our kitchen and YEY I got to dress up for Halloween!! I was some sort of babyzombie, whatever 😉 . I bought the onesie because I knew I could still wear it at home! After the pre drinks, I ended up once more at the Maddy.


I’ve always wanted to plank on my kitchen table, this was my moment!

Actually Halloween is on the 31st of October … So, another reason to party. I got to wear my onesie one more time. If I could just always party in my pyjamas, I’d never stay home. This time I wasn’t a babyzombie. NO NO NO. I was a babykiller … Huge difference, I know. Juan, a friend of Theresa’s, threw a house party so that’s where I ended up, celebrating Halloween for the second time! I’ve decided, since my birthday is on 28th of October, that from next year on I’ll throw Halloween parties myself. Obliging everyone to dress up. I want to make Halloween a thing in Belgium too. Every reason to celebrate, is a good one. We do only live once. (YOLOOOOO, yes I said it – NO SHAME)

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me, theresa, theresa’s mom, betty