1. I’m an emotional wreck when there’s nothing to do but studying. You’d think after 4 years, I’d get the hang of it. Nope.
  2. I should get a notebook where I can write all my ideas in. A beautiful one. Just like my ideas.
  3. Still as broke as last May.
  4. Where are my unicorns and rainbows?
  5. Being naive is what makes me happy, it gives me positive vibes. Don’t crush my vibes please.
  6. I should watch more porn considering my thesis is about it.
  7. And I should definitely focus more on my near future if I want to be a journalist. ‘If’ of course, cause do I?
  8. Every school year is a year full of change. I started September 2017 with a heartbreak and ended the year with a new love.