• Oh Canada
  • Understanding the distance


    I’ve thought a couple of times about writing about this topic. In fact, I’ve made one before but I felt it was a bit too … aggressive. I’ve used this blog for many purposes. It was some sort of diary for my first experiences abroad in Toronto, Canada. What am I saying, different purposes. I’ve […]

  • SEA
  • Chiang Hiiiiii


    -It’s refreshing to bring back all those memories. I stored everything I did on my calendar so I could look back and know when I did what, but writing about it brings back feelings and even more memories …- Arriving in Bangkok is a bit much. A friend of mine had told me that already but I […]

  • SEA
  • Arriving on Thai soil


    – The first thing I realized about myself arriving in Bangkok is how bad I am at making decisions. It took me over an hour to decide whether I was going to use public transit or a cab to get to my hostel. – On the 26th of January I left Belgium and on the […]

  • SEA
  • Pre backpacking


    I do what feels right. It led me to my exchange to Toronto and it was about to lead me to my backpacking trip. Many of my friends would confirm that I like traveling. Then again, I surround myself with people who like discovering as well. Common ground. I guess I realized what exactly I like about traveling […]

  • Oh Canada
  • Back In Canada


    Long time no see. Guess I didn’t expect this to say this very soon: I’m back in Canada. Almost exactly a year ago I was in Canada too with a totally different purpose than the one I have now. Very strange, yes. Indeed, very strange. One year ago as you can read on my other […]

  • Oh Canada
  • My time has come


    These last couple of months have been crazy. It feels like I’ve been here for only one month … I remember at the beginning thinking ‘oh wow, I still have another three months’. What a big fat lie, three months is n o t h i n g.  It’s gone in a split second. It’s nothing […]

  • Oh Canada
  • CN Tower


    It’s funny, I kept the most touristic thing to do in Toronto for last. Last weekend I went high up the CN Tower. We decided to go full out so we did the fancy dinner too in the CN Tower. When Felix, Marianne, Jack & Jack, Dale and I arrived, we couldn’t see anything because […]

  • Oh Canada


    It’s been ages since my last post! So sorry! Two weeks ago I went to Ottawa with Betty, Nina and some other German guys who, I am sorry, aren’t worth mentioning in my blogpost. Let’s just pretend they weren’t there. Ottawa is a 6 hour drive from Toronto. We rented a car and I was […]

  • Oh Canada
  • Ripley’s Aquarium


    Last week I’ve been to Ripley’s Aquarium with my roommate Dekkar. There isn’t much to tell about it except that there are many fish and I paid around 30 dollars but at least I’ve seen the Aquarium of Toronto, right? Right. It is kinda fascinating that so many different fish exist. The Aquarium is located […]