• Pre backpacking


    I do what feels right. It led me to my exchange to Toronto and it was about to lead me to my backpacking trip. Many of my friends would confirm that I like traveling. Then again, I surround myself with people who like discovering as well. Common ground. I guess I realized what exactly I like about traveling […]

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  • My time has come


    These last couple of months have been crazy. It feels like I’ve been here for only one month … I remember at the beginning thinking ‘oh wow, I still have another three months’. What a big fat lie, three months is n o t h i n g.  It’s gone in a split second. It’s nothing […]

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  • CN Tower


    It’s funny, I kept the most touristic thing to do in Toronto for last. Last weekend I went high up the CN Tower. We decided to go full out so we did the fancy dinner too in the CN Tower. When Felix, Marianne, Jack & Jack, Dale and I arrived, we couldn’t see anything because […]

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    It’s been ages since my last post! So sorry! Two weeks ago I went to Ottawa with Betty, Nina and some other German guys who, I am sorry, aren’t worth mentioning in my blogpost. Let’s just pretend they weren’t there. Ottawa is a 6 hour drive from Toronto. We rented a car and I was […]

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  • Ripley’s Aquarium


    Last week I’ve been to Ripley’s Aquarium with my roommate Dekkar. There isn’t much to tell about it except that there are many fish and I paid around 30 dollars but at least I’ve seen the Aquarium of Toronto, right? Right. It is kinda fascinating that so many different fish exist. The Aquarium is located […]

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  • It’s All About The Money

    Portrait of little boy dressed as senior teacher in front of bla

    During my stay abroad I’ve come to realize that school systems are pretty much the same everywhere. When I arrived here I thought Ryerson was the best school: I get to choose my own courses, you leave whenever you want to …  but soon I discovered flaws. It’s like meeting new people. Or it’s actually the […]

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  • About Last Week …

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    Last week was crazzzyyyy! First of all, I had midterms . But after that, it was my BIRTHDAY (28th of October)! I became 21. Yessss, I can remember the time I was happy to turn 16 and then 18 and now I’m 21. Take me back. Time stop, please stop. Growing up isn’t as much fun […]

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  • Balthazar


    On October 19th Balthazar came to Toronto. It was actually Alexa who suggested to go. Alexa is Canadian (with Ukrainian roots) and next semester she’s doing a semester abroad in my uni at Ghent. Balthazar brought out a new album called Thin Walls. The music genre is a mix of Indie and Rock. The band is pretty known in […]

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  • Disclosure


    Previous Saturday Lina and I went to Disclosure. It’s an English electronic music duo.The duo consists out of Guy and Howard Lawrence, they are brothers. First we did some pre-drinks at Lina’s place and for the first time I saw three raccoons at once! There are so many raccoons over here (and they are so big?). They […]